Þóra Björk design | Silk scarves, overthrows and decorative pillows
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Silk scarves, overthrows and decorative pillows

About This Project

Silk scarves and overthrows

In Iceland the colours are a bit special because of it’s northern latitude at 64 degrees north, colours are both brighter and more vibrant in comparison to most places. If you travel to Iceland you will notice this in our untamed nature of contrasts. In my art and bespoke designs I aim to capture these contrasts in my wearable art and soft furnishing. The satin silk scarves and viscose overthrows really capture the colours perfectly.

Decorative pillows

I will not not hesitate to use bright colours in my pillows, the moods of Icelandic nature is being represented in each and everyone of them and still they can be very old fashioned when it comes to the patterns. In my screen printing and design you will find the traditional lace in many different shapes and forms printed on each and every pillow.