Þóra Björk design | Sculpture lamps, paintings and gift cards
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Sculpture lamps, paintings and gift cards

About This Project

Sculpture lamps

The sculpture lamps that I design have all been inspired by the glacier ice, long bright summer nights, dark winter nights with the majestical dancing Northern Lights and the colourful sunsets. These colours are being captured in the sculptures.

Colourful acrylic paintings

I admire the dramatic contrasts in my surroundings and often use many layers that give additional depth to my paintings and to my patterns just as you can experience with the multicolours captured following the sun going down in the evening during middle of summer. As a textile artist and designer I enjoy adding texture to my art with materials found in Iceland with my favourite material being the black sand from the lava sand beaches. I enjoy playing with different techniques, colours and patterns moulded and mixed together to form a deep, unique personal mystical style.

Gift cards

My colorful gift cards come in two sizes 14 x14 cm and 8×8 cm. They are timeless and represent different moods, the moment and how I experience my surrounding nature.