Þóra Björk design | New LAva Holuhraun
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New LAva Holuhraun

About This Project
I am unveiling my newest addition, handmade Icelandic woollen tufted rugs. Inspired by the bold and colourful nature of my homeland. Organic shapes for the rugs capture the fluidity of geothermal hot springs, delicate micro vegetation of the highlands, heavenly rays of Northern Lights, just to give an idea. The rugs give a new dimension as organically crafted rugs with multiple use. Thora Björk Design products are uniquely Icelandic. The earthy tones of pure Icelandic wool are dyed in striking neon colours to elevate and juxtaposed he splashes of colour that naturally exist in Icelandic nature. Each rug is a piece of art which can be used both on the floor and the wall and they help to reduce noise in an open space.
Thora Björk Design seeks out a broad spectrum of publications, such as:
Architecture, Interior, Design, Modern Solutions, Trends and Textile.