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The Artist and Designer Thora Björk
Thora Björk Schram has been instrumental in cultivating and supporting the textile community in Iceland for many years. Her designs are a regular feature in joint art and design events held by the Textile Gild of Iceland and Reykjavik DesignMarch.
As an Entrepreneur she has worked extensively for 15 years producing wearable art, soft furnishing and textile screen printing under the label Thora Björk Design. These products can be found within many homes and businesses around Iceland.

Artist statement

All my work is molded by the variation of different colors found in the
surrounding habitat here in Iceland, whether it comes from the midnight sun during the peak of summer or represented by the autumn twilight or the dark winter nights, the Northern Lights or simply when the light breaks through the gloomy fog or between the raindrops in early spring.
Here in Iceland the saying is that if you do not appreciate the weather, just wait 5 minutes! I am very lucky that I do not have to wait long to catch a new and inspiring variation of the spell between light and colors felt in the unspoiled nature of Iceland.
Seasonal colors, long summer nights, dark short winter days, black remote
deserts, white icy glaciers and green jucy medows inspire me every day. When I print patterns and colors on smooth lushy silk, it is like watching the sunrise in the morning. And when I have compleated a design task, it is like enjoying a colorful romantic sunset after a perfect fulfilling day. I appreciate living on an island where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes remind me frequently of the ruthless power of nature and at the same time this same power makes me feel alive and tells me that I am a small part of something really majestic.
Thora Björk Schram